Fast Internet Service: History of Satellite Internet

If you remember dial-up internet, no doubt you can appreciate the fast internet service connections available today. As technology advanced, so did our need for speed. Imagine trying to keep up with your school work or business and manage all of your important media sites with that slow telephone company dial-up you used to have. […]

New Satellites Deliver Online Speed and Reliability

When it comes to having the Internet installed in your home, those in urban areas have it all over those who live in the rural parts of America. Cable or DSL is the most common choice in heavily populated areas. However, these services are not offered in many of the rural parts of the country. […]

A Look At The Progression Of Ease Of Use Within Web Design

There was a point when web design was, quite literally, the realm of computer scientists. The people actually writing the specs for Internet use were, for a time, the only people actually able to really design a page. Since then it’s become progressively easier to design a webpage or website. The big question comes down […]

Finding Rural Internet Plans That Meet Your Needs

Finding high speed Internet at reasonable prices can be challenging for many rural residents. Many Internet providers are currently working hard to overcome the challenge of speed and cost-effectiveness with a commitment to advanced technology. Satellite Internet from Hughes Net Hughes Net is a satellite-based communications service provider that delivers high-speed Internet, and has the […]